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    New Gallup Poll: 72% Say Big Government Biggest Threat

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    Politico reports on news from a recent Gallup poll showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with the Civitas Institute that the biggest threat to the country's future is big government. Nearly three-quarters of Americans identify big government as the greatest threat to the country’s future, according to a new poll. The 72 percent […]

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    Calling All Twentysomethings

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    As a conservative “twentysomething,” I took great pride in helping NC go red in the last presidential election. The President’s approval rating is not only dropping overall, but he is also losing steam with the 18-24 age group. But, if support for a liberal president is sliding among young people,  it’s not because they are fleeing […]

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    PPP Said to Manipulate Poll Results

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    Public Policy Polling has "drawn withering criticism for tweaking the sample’s racial composition to allegedly tilt the results" in favor of Democratic candidates. Read about it here.

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    McCrory's Approval Rating: Up or Down?

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    Our results from July 17-18 showed Gov. McCrory with a 37% favorable versus a 30% unfavorable rating (with the other 33% either neutral or no opinion).

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    Lengthy Left-Wing Poll Question Omits Key Term to Get Desired Result, Media Dutifully Reports

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Polling By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Today's Under the Dome reports on poll results allegedly showing public support for taxpayer funds being used for political campaigns. The poll was commissioned by the left-wing group NC Center for Voter Education – the poll results are available here.  Here is the full poll question and results: Q1. North Carolina judges are elected. Current state […]

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