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    Republicans Gain Momentum in Early Voting and Polls

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking, Polling By Matt Willoughby | Tagged , ,

    Republicans and unaffiliated voters are outpacing Democrats in the early voting lines with less than a week until Election Day. Matt Willoughby has a video report…

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    Setting the Record Straight: Indy Week Lies about Civitas Lunch with Art Pope

    Posted in Civitas Events, Education, Miscellaneous, Polling By Rhett Forman | Tagged , , , , , , ,

    What’s a journalist to do when he doesn’t have a story? Apparently, if you’re with Indy Week, you’re supposed to make one up. That’s what Bob Geary did after the Civitas Poll Luncheon at the Doubletree Brownstone Hotel in Raleigh this past Thursday. Geary’s article is replete with errors. The first comes a few lines […]

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    School Choice – The Road Ahead

    Posted in Education, Polling By Rhett Forman | Tagged , ,

    The school choice movement, which seeks to expand K-12 education opportunities through charter and private schools, has seen major gains in the past few years across the country. Most recently, a superior court ruled in favor of Arizona's education savings accounts which makes money available to families to help with the expense of private schools. In […]

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    NC GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Leads Among Unafilliated Voters

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking, Polling By Matt Willoughby | Tagged ,

    (RALEIGH) – Unaffiliated voters in North Carolina are giving Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory a big lead over Democrat opponent Walter Dalton. Click on the video report…

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    Poll: North Carolinians want more charters and choice

    Posted in Education, Polling By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    A new poll by Washington-based Center for Education Reform shows North Carolinians want more school choice, more charter schools and more options for authorizing charter schools. Major findings include: 70 percent of respondents support the creation of new charter schools.  Support for these options was strong across all demographic groups, but strongest with African -Americans […]

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