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    Civitas Polling and Policy Watch

    Posted in Polling By Francis De Luca | Tagged , ,

    Policy Watch decided to try and discredit our polling with a post. What they did was call our attention to the disclaimer at the bottom of our releases which we did not update after the 2010 election (Which by the way Civitas correctly polled on an overwhelming number of the competitive legislative seats). We did […]

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    CBO Report Reveals Voter Irrationality

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics, Polling By William Bejan | Tagged , , ,

    The most recent CBO Report exposes the political irrationality of the American electorate. Their projections show federal debt as a share of GDP will hit 109% in 2021 and 190% in 2035. Considering the grim financial realities, public opinion becomes somewhat baffling. Consider this CBS poll where 53% of Americans generally view Medicare as requiring […]

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    Want to know what NC voters think about the top issues?

    Posted in Polling By Civitas Staff

    Every month the Civitas Institute hosts a poll presentation and luncheon to release the latest Civitas Poll results and analysis.  Our Polling covers voter opinion on the most significant and current issues such as government spending, state debt, health care, energy, social policy, voter ID, and so much more. We measure approval ratings for state […]

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    NC Voters Remain Supportive of Tea Party Movement

    Posted in Polling By Katie Trout | Tagged , ,

    Despite daily media reports and politicking claiming the demise of the Tea Party, a recent Civitas Institute poll indicates that support for the movement is still faring well among North Carolina voters. According to the most recent SurveyUSA poll conducted for Civitas, 43 percent of North Carolina voters support the Tea Party movement. Thirty-eight percent […]

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    New Poll Further Demonstrates NC’s Unrest with Obamacare

    Posted in Healthcare, Polling By Karen Duquette | Tagged , , , ,

    Elon University Poll recently released its latest polling data on major North Carolina issues, including healthcare.  Elon’s poll found 41 percent oppose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, while 39 percent support it. In the same poll, Elon concluded that less than 25 percent said they would like the entire law repealed, […]

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