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    Public Policy [Push] Polling

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Life & Family Issues, Polling By Andrew Henson | Tagged , , , , ,

    A curious poll emerged Tuesday from the North Carolina pollster, Public Policy Polling (PPP), pertaining to early childhood care programs, which conveniently aligns with the personal interests of the President of PPP, Dean Debnam. Debnam is married to Stephanie Fanjul, the President of the North Carolina Partnership for Children, a key player in North Carolina’s […]

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    New Poll Results Are Out!

    Posted in Polling By Civitas Staff

    The latest poll results are now up on the Civitas site. See the results here.

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    Civitas Poll: Ellmers Leads Etheridge Heading into Final Weekend

    Posted in Polling By Jessica Anderson | Tagged , , ,

    North Carolina politics heat up today with the latest release from Civitas polling. According to the poll of 400 registered voters in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, Ellmers leads Etheridge 46 percent to 41 percent.  Libertarian candidate Tom Rose garners 6 percent of the vote while 7 percent of voters are undecided. It appears that […]

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    Poll Luncheon Tomorrow – Last Chance To Prepay For A Lower Price

    Posted in Polling By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , , ,

    Just a reminder that our Civitas Poll Luncheon is tomorrow at 11:45 a.m. at the Cardinal Club in downtown Raleigh. Today will be the last day you can prepay for a lower price! Raleigh Poll Luncheon: Special Election Preview This Month's Raleigh Speakers Will Be: Francis De Luca Chris Hayes Brad Crone Paul Shumaker This […]

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    Nazi Soldiers Used in NC House 2 Mailer?

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking, Polling By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , ,

    Hat tip to Truth or Dare, the GREAT Outer Banks blog on political and other happenings out there. They posted on a Rep. Tim Spear (D – Washington) campaign mailer that touts support of our soldiers but actually features a photo of Nazi "Re-enactors". If you are going to say you support the US military, […]

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