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    Where Does NC Stand on the Death Penalty?

    Posted in Crime, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues, Politicians & Politicking, Public Safety By efield | Tagged , , ,

    The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled last week that capital punishment is unconstitutional in that state. Connecticut had recently enacted a law under which the death penalty could not be enacted in future cases but convicted criminals who had been sentenced to death would have their sentences carried out. This new ruling, however, commutes all such […]

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    Court Dismisses DOJ Suit Against Alamance Sheriff

    Posted in Center for Law and Freedom, Immigration, Public Safety By Elliot Engstrom | Tagged , ,

    In 2012, the Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit against the Alamance County Sheriff's Office (ACSO), alleging that the department and its Sheriff, Terry S. Johnson, routinely discriminated against Latinos in violation of federal law. It took two years for the case to go to trial. Almost three years after the original filing — and […]

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    Cato @ Liberty's Take on Vong v. Aune

    Posted in Economics, Public Safety By Elliot Engstrom | Tagged , , ,

    In a recent post, I discussed our amicus brief in Vong v. Aune, a case of occupational licensure run amok. We partnered with the Cato Institute to support an entrepreneur's plea to be heard at the United States Supreme Court. You can now read the Cato Institute's take at their blog, Cato @ Liberty: Ms. Vong has now […]

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    Challenging Occupational Licensure

    Posted in Economics, Public Safety By Elliot Engstrom | Tagged , , , ,

    Yesterday, the Civitas Institute filed a joint amicus brief with the Cato Institute at the United States Supreme Court. In the brief, we ask the Court to grant certiorari (take up the case) in Vong v. Aune. Should the Court grant cert, the ramifications could be felt in North Carolina, which has one of the […]

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    Does the media know what is really going on?

    Posted in Public Safety By efield

    Turning to ABC11, the headline you see is “Capital Punishment back before the North Carolina Supreme Court.” Yes, this case has something to do with capital punishment, but the real news was that the North Carolina Supreme Court was hearing today oral arguments about the Racial Justice Act.  The Racial Justice Act has to do […]

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