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    Does the media know what is really going on?

    Posted in Public Safety By Netsmart

    Turning to ABC11, the headline you see is “Capital Punishment back before the North Carolina Supreme Court.” Yes, this case has something to do with capital punishment, but the real news was that the North Carolina Supreme Court was hearing today oral arguments about the Racial Justice Act.  The Racial Justice Act has to do […]

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    2,822 Hours May Decrease After Short Session

    Posted in Crime, Legislative Activity, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Netsmart

    Civitas recently asked the question “2,822 hours of Crime Analysts time is spent on what?” The 2,822 hours were spent on being in the court system to testify because of a Supreme Court ruling in which the high court held that it was a violation of the Sixth Amendment right of confrontation for a prosecutor to submit […]

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    2,822 Hours of Crime Analysts' Time is Spent On What?

    Posted in Legislative Activity, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Netsmart

    Watching any crime show may lead us to believe that a court case can be resolved in an hour. As anyone who has been to court knows, this idea is very far from the truth. Would you believe that a court case has increased the amount of time need to get lab results from months […]

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    Should Indigent Defense Vouchers come to North Carolina?

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Crime, Economics, Legislative Activity, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Netsmart

    The majority of people who are arrested for crimes in the United States are considered and prosecuted as indigent.  People who are being prosecuted are constitutionally granted the right to have a lawyer provided for them if they cannot afford to hire one. Indigent defense systems have emerged but there are questions about whether the […]

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    Civil Society Alive and Well in North Carolina

    Posted in Public Safety By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , ,

    There’s always a silver lining in any cloud, and this week’s crippling snowstorm was no exception. In the midst of car accidents, paralyzing traffic gridlock, and power outages, Tar Heels stepped forward in droves to help their neighbors. With thousands of drivers trapped on icy roads, North Carolinians did not hesitate to extend a hand […]

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