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    60 Minutes Highlights Shortage of Psychiatric Beds

    Posted in Healthcare, Public Safety By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , , , , ,

    Earlier this week, 60 Minutes produced an outstanding documentary earlier this week on the subject of mental health. The report highlights the case of Gus Deeds, the son of Virginia state senator Creigh Deeds. After his father was unable to admit him to a psychiatric crisis bed, Gus stabbed his father and then took his […]

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    Monday Protests Exposed as Political Theater

    Posted in Politicians & Politicking, Public Safety By Civitas Staff | Tagged ,

    According to news outlets, more "Moral Monday" cases are ending in acquittals or  being tossed out of court — which sheds light on what the disturbances really are. Prosecutors said they will drop pending cases against those arrested in the May 20 disturbances, after a judge acquitted five accused demonstrators. Reportedly it was difficult for […]

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    The Knock Out Game – Should the Behavior of Some Be Condoned Because of Age?

    Posted in Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous, Politicians & Politicking, Public Safety By Netsmart

    We have all seen it in the news — the sick new fad called the “Knockout Game.”  An innocent person becomes a victim of someone who just takes a punch at someone who isn’t expecting it. How do we punish the people who are playing this “game” — and should we differentiate between juveniles and […]

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    Therapist Explains Mental Illness, Mental Health System

    Posted in Healthcare, Public Safety By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , , , , , ,

    The Civitas Institute has written extensively about the problem of untreated severe mental illness in North Carolina. But what is severe mental illness? We sat down with Elizabeth Lynn Gupton (MS, LPC), a therapist  with more than 20 years of experience in mental health. Gupton explained the difficulties of treating schizophrenia: "When a person has […]

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    When no one person knows all the laws in North Carolina, is state law too extensive?

    Posted in Civitas Events, Legislative Activity, Public Safety By Netsmart

    Several weeks ago Civitas co-sponsored an event that brought together lawyers, legislators, and other professionals in the criminal justice industry. Jim Copland is the Director of the Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute, where his work focuses on litigation reform. Copland introduced the speakers, as well as set the stage for the event. He noted […]

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