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    Wake County Taxpayers Need to Brace Themselves for Light Rail Tax Hikes

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Transportation & Infrastructure By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    Last night at the taxpayer-funded Raleigh Convention Center, some taxpayer-funded consultants made a presentation to sell area residents on a taxpayer-funded transit scheme that includes wildly expensive light rail. From the N&O About 600 people came to the Raleigh Convention Center Monday for the opening pitch for a hotly anticipated transit plan, billed as holding […]

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    Charlotte fights losing battle for new jobs.

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics, Transportation & Infrastructure By Matthew Henry Young

    Apparently, the Queen City just doesn’t have enough resources to allow it to compete with neighboring areas for new jobs. This week, three large companies announced their intentions to move to nearby cities in South Carolina. Giti Tire, a Singapore based manufacturer that sells tires through Wal-Mart, will build a 1.8 million square-foot manufacturing and […]

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    Local Governments Need to be Watched

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Politicians & Politicking, Transportation & Infrastructure By Jim Tynen | Tagged

    At Civitas we mostly keep an eye on state government, with the occasional glance at Washington. But municipalities can also get bogged down in useless government spending. As I note in The Cary News, it even goes for the town where I live. For instance: The headline in The Cary News sent a shiver of […]

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    Additions to Transportation

    Posted in Transportation & Infrastructure By Melissa Barnes | Tagged , , ,

    Last week, a panel of national experts assembled in Raleigh to discuss the possibility of bringing a light rail or rapid-bus system to the county. The panel advised county commissioners to proceed with caution. A rapid-bus system is aimed to combine the capacity and speed of a light rail or metro system with the flexibility, […]

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    Sen. Berger: Council of State Must Vote Down Bad Deal on Dix

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics, Politicians & Politicking, Transportation & Infrastructure By Matt Willoughby | Tagged , , , , , , ,

    The Council of State will meet Tuesday morning at 9:00 and will face a decision of what do with the Dorothea Dix property in Raleigh. Governor Bev Perdue wants the other elected officials on the panel to approve a deal she worked out to allow the city of Raleigh to lease the land for 75 […]