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    Additions to Transportation

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    Last week, a panel of national experts assembled in Raleigh to discuss the possibility of bringing a light rail or rapid-bus system to the county. The panel advised county commissioners to proceed with caution. A rapid-bus system is aimed to combine the capacity and speed of a light rail or metro system with the flexibility, […]

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    Sen. Berger: Council of State Must Vote Down Bad Deal on Dix

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    The Council of State will meet Tuesday morning at 9:00 and will face a decision of what do with the Dorothea Dix property in Raleigh. Governor Bev Perdue wants the other elected officials on the panel to approve a deal she worked out to allow the city of Raleigh to lease the land for 75 […]

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    McComas Resigning to Chair Ports Authority

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    State Representative Danny McComas (R-New Hanover) will resign his seat in the House of Representatives to take another seat as chair of the North Carolina State Ports Authority September 2. Governor Bev Perdue made the announcement of her appointment of McComas this afternoon. McComas owns a trucking company in Wilmington. He's served 18 years in […]

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    A Small Step in the Right Direction

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    A recent law relieving new car owners from having to get emissions inspections might cause some turmoil in  mechanics' shops but will put around $9 million back into the purses and pockets of North Carolinians, according to the Charlotte Observer. Eleven states, ranging from Kentucky to Alaska have absolutely no laws requiring vehicle inspections. North Carolina's […]

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    Clock is Ticking on Budget Deadline; No Hint from Gov's Office

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    Governor Beverly Perdue summoned the press to the Capitol Building Tuesday to talk about the budget. There was much anticipation about what she would say or do, but there wasn't much substance. The Governor said legislators needed to spend more for education and left. Republican leaders in the General Assembly are suprised Gov. Perdue is […]

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