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    Bill to limit new car inspections dies

    Posted in Transportation & Infrastructure By Clark Riemer | Tagged , , , ,

    A proposed bill to limit inspections on new cars died today in the House-Senate Joint Transportation Oversight Committee. The bill would have exempted vehicles three or fewer model years old from inspections. Supporters argued that such inspections were unnecessary as new model cars rarely failed the inspections. The inspection program has also suffered from reports of widespread fraud. Opponents stated […]

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    NC to Bring Back Cap on Gas Tax?

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Transportation & Infrastructure By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Per yesterday's Wilmington Star-News, it appears a cap on North Caroilna's gas tax will be on the table in the upcoming short legislative session:  In the General Assembly session that begins Wednesday, the state's gasoline tax could be a divisive issue. Top Republican lawmakers and the governor – at least for now – agree the […]

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    Wake County's Transit Plan: High Costs, Little Benefit

    Posted in Transportation & Infrastructure By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    UNC-Charlotte professor of transportation studies Dr. David Hartgen dissects the proposed Wake County Transit plan in this N&O piece. Like most centrally-planned boondoggles, this transit plan includes heavy costs with little benefit – and forces many to subsidize the commuting plans of a few. Light rail service would cost $33 per rider per trip and […]

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    Happy New Year! Now Give Me More Money

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Transportation & Infrastructure By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    On Jan. 1, North Carolina's state gas tax will adjust upward by another 3.9 cents per gallon. The new state gas tax rate of 38.9 cents per gallon will be an all-time high for the state, and rank as fifth highest in the nation. North Carolina will round out the top five gas taxers that […]

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    Small Aviation Companies and Manufacturers Worried About Corporate Jet Tax

    Posted in Economics, Transportation & Infrastructure By Matt Willoughby | Tagged , , ,

    Manufacturers of corporate jets in North Carolina as well as small companies that maintain them are worried about a replay of the yacht tax in the 90's:

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