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CLC2015 Highlights


The Civitas 2015 Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) this past weekend was a tremendous success, with more than 600 people attending March 27 and 28. Dynamic speakers, informative exhibitors and stimulating breakout session leaders provided the statewide audience of engaged activists, policy types and politicos two full days of activity and education. The one common complaint was that there was so much it sometimes it was hard to choose what to attend.

I won’t attempt to go through every moment of the conference, but I’d like to hit some of the highlights. Over the coming weeks, we will be editing and putting up video for you to watch if you were unable to attend or just want to refresh yourself on what you saw and heard.


Bob Woodson at CLC

Before I get into the conference, I want to introduce you to one of our Saturday concluding session speakers, Bob Woodson. Bob is the head of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise and brought an uplifting message of hope and grassroots activism. His work has engaged thousands across the nation in an effort to lift people up out of crime, poverty and despair. He not only inspired the audience, which gave him a resounding standing ovation at the conclusion of his talk, he also introduced them to a new mini-series about American Redemption – COMEBACK. The message is “we have the capacity within our nation to heal ourselves.” Take the time, be moved and inspired and watch the series COMEBACK.

If you want a general overview of CLC from an attendee perspective and are on Twitter (if you are not you need to get an account!), follow #CLC2015 for a running commentary and pictures of the two days. During the conference the #CLC2015 hashtag was “trending” in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

For more on some of the many CLC speakers, here are some stories from NCCAPITOLCONNECTION. Go here to read about two keynote speeches by Dr. Ben Carson and Rick Santorum. To read about potential presidential candidate Carly Fiorina go here. In her closing message to the conference she talked on, among other subjects, that “…not only does everyone have God-given gifts, not only does everyone have potential, but that everyone has the right to fulfill their potential,” and “…the highest calling of leadership is to unlock potential in others.” She also mentioned that she was seriously considering a run for the White House.

And all of this was just in the main sessions, which featured over 12 speakers including surprise speakers Gov. Pat McCrory from North Carolina and Congressman Tom Price, chairman of the Budget Committee in the US House. He showed up for lunch on Saturday and gave a brief update to attendees on what has been happening in DC. On Friday Congressman Mark Meadows addressed the lunch crowd with his view of DC.

In addition to the main speaker sessions, there were 21 breakout sessions over 2 days covering topics from Obamacare and Medicaid; to The Left’s Culture War on Marriage with the Benham Brothers; and Mapping the Left. There were also skills clinics for social media and “Raising Patriots.” You could also have had a front row seat on the “War on Women” and heard from Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote.

And during the two days there were four separate book signings, plus information booths and vendor tables, as well as receptions and time for networking with other conservatives. We also screened the film documentary “FrackNation” by Ann McElhinney, who spoke and told attendees about her journey and about her next work on Kermit Gosnell, “America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”

If you did not attend this year’s CLC you missed the premier conservative event in North Carolina and you have to wait until next April for the next CLC. But Civitas continues to have events and training year-round.

If you were an attendee, then you already know how great it was and I will leave you with a few of the comments from attendees. Hope to see you at CLC 2016!

“It really was a world-class event this year. I am being honest when I say it was the best event of its type I have ever attended.”

 “I speak at state and national events and this is one of the best.”

“My first CLC but not my last.”

“I learned so much but feel like I missed so much because of all the great sessions you had.”



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