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Who's Scanning Your License Plate?


CCTV Camera or surveillance Operating on traffic roadDid you know that a new technology allows police to scan a stream of license plates as cars and trucks go by?

And did you know that, until yesterday, no state law regulated how police could use that data?

Some worry that the authorities could use that data to track what you are doing: when you are going to church, or the store, or wherever.

Police counter: what would the public say when it came out that we could have tracked a killer or kidnapper's car, but didn't dare use this new technology?

Online at NC Capitol Connection, Matt Caulder has the scoop right here.

3 Comments on this post

  • Mark Schug says:
    Dec 02 at 20:01

    "Those that would sacrifice freedom for the sake of safety deserve neither"…..they are always going to use fear for control and intrusion…and with the amount of useful, ill informed idiots we have now. It's difficult to hope for positives…

  • Les says:
    Dec 02 at 22:24

    This sounds like activity that should require a warrant. What law can they cite giving them the authority to collect this data?

  • AndyW. says:
    Dec 03 at 08:34

    Tell me, how – exactly – does this differ from the NSA's collection of "metadata"?

    Frankly, I might not have a problem with EITHER of these "robo-collection" schemes… IF I COULD TRUST MY OWN GOVERNMENT NOT TO SCREW ME WITH IT.

    But until then, NUTTIN' DOIN'.

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