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The Proposal to Repeal an Energy Bill From 2007 Would, In Effect, Raise Taxes


Republican Representative George Cleveland introduced HB431, which would repeal SB3 from the 2007 legisaltive session. That bill required power companies to buy renewable energy sources for over 12 percent of  their energy portfolio. Electric co-ops and cities would have to rely on renewable energy for 10 percent of their sources.

That 2007 bill also phased out a sales tax on the sale of electricity to manufacturing facilites and farmers. It also phased out a tax on natural gas imposed on manufacturers and farmers. There was also a privilege tax on manufacturers that was phased out. Those taxes disappeared last year. 

If Cleveland was successful in getting the entire bill repealed those taxes would reappear at the original rates. At the same time, a tax credit for contributing to a nonprofit organization for the use of renewable energy would also go away. However, without elaborating House Republican leader Paul Stam said the entire bill wouldn't repealed. That would have to be changed in committee or on the floor. Cleveland's bill was sent to the House Committee on Public Utilities.

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