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The State Employment Security Commission Tries to Put Positive Spin on Rising Unemployment


The unemployment rate in North Carolina rose from 10.1 to 10.4 percent in August, reports the state Employment Security Commission. However, in the press release announcing the increase the commission began by noting employment increased by 16,500. Its not until the fourth paragraph down the agency reports the ranks of the unemployed rose by 11,747 to 468,140.

Meanwhile the national unemployment rate remained at 9.1 percent.

Here's another nugget of news for government workers in North Carolina. Their ranks swelled by 13,600 or two percent in August. Those numbers include state, local and federal government workers. That was the largest monthly increase among all sectors.

There was a lot wailing about how many state workers would be laid off because of budget cuts. Some Democrats said it was 14,500. The Office of State Personnel reports a much smaller number. State agencies and universities are required to report layoffs to the Office of State Personnel. In answer to a Civitas Institute inquiry the Office of State Personnel reported that since July of 2010 it had been notified of 1,793 layoffs. Just recently the University of North Carolina system forecast 488 of its professors and staff would be let go. That would bring the total to 2,281.

At the same time the Office of State Personnel lists a couple of hundred state job openings on its web site.

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