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Blended learning: let's first get the facts straight

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Blended Learning is one of the new hot topics in education reform circles.  In brief, blended learning seeks to combine the best of online and face-to-face learning.  Last week  Bill Tucker of Education Next  tries to set the record straight by taking the New York Times to task for a slanted article on Florida virtual classrooms that use blended learning approach. Tucker's advice is helpful for anyone who enters the debate over online/blended learning:

Online learning is not anti-teacher
Class-size is irrelevant to discussions of online learning
Research suggests that some students learn better online 

North Carolina already has a virtual  public school, a very good school too. Better management and expanded course offerings can yield greater savings for taxpayers and better educational opportunities for students. Food for thought.

 For additional information about Florida's highly successful virtual schools click here

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