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Does Indiana lead the way against Common Core?

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An interesting debate and — one well worth watching — is playing out in Indiana.  Senator  Scott Schneider (R-Indianapolis) introduced a bill (SB 193) to reverse the State Education Board’s decision to use Common Core State Standards and replace them with Indiana education standards.

Yesterday a Senate education committee heard about five hours of testimony  on the bill.  Critics of the standards said they were written with little input from parents and educators. In addition the Obama administration made adoption of common core a requirement for receipt of federal education funding. A vote on the SB 193 is expected  next week.

If approved Indiana would be the first state to adopt common core standards and replace them with other standards.    Forty five states have adopted common core standards. However as parents and educators look more closely at how the standards are being implemented and how they change teaching and learning, opposition is clearly growing.

For additional information on the Indiana story and criticisms over common core standards see here  and here.

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