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Governor's School Faces Uncertain Future

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The possible closing of the Governor’s School has supporters of the controversial school worried. See here and here ).  Law makers considering ways to eliminate the state's $2.4 billion budget deficit would save $850,000 by closing the school.    

You’d also save some our state’s brightest minds from exposure to a pro-homosexual agenda and a curriculum that encourages a liberal world view.    In recent years the number of objectionable incidents has been down thanks to the good work of NC Family Policy Council and Paul Chesser’s excellent series on the Governor’s School. I suspect few North Carolinians would shed tears if funding was pulled.

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  • JMM says:
    Jul 18 at 18:46

    Mr. Luebke–Your comments are ill-informed at best. The Governor's School "agenda" is "pro-thought" and "pro-liberty". I am not sure why a group that claims to be Libertarian would oppose such an "agenda". In the past, GS has had speakers from the Pope Center address its students, and in 2006 the Social Science instructors at GS East invited representatives from the Alliance Defense Fund to discuss its objections to GS's program with that summer's students. The ADF declined, perhaps because once they had distorted the GS program beyond all recognition in its inflammatory reports, they found it difficult to discuss the program rationally.

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