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Judge halts Opportunity Scholarship program

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When you can't win at the ballot box,  enforce your will through the courts.  That'a well-known tactic of the left and that's exactly the strategy on display in North Carolina.

Earlier today Wake County Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood granted an injunction that  halts implementation of the Opportunity Scholarship Grant program   The program, approved by the Legislature last session, sets aside $10 million dollars to provide up to $4,200 in scholarship assistance  to  eligible families to who enroll their children in private schools. News reports said up to 4,700 applications had already been received for the program.

Although no decision has been made, the decision will likely be appealed.

Will the bevy of attorneys who argued against Opportunity Scholarships please go and address the families who were hoping to give their children a better chance at an education.  Please tell them why it's best that their educational prospects continue to be determined by family income, being in the right zip code or being lucky enough to win the lottery and get accepted to a charter school.

4,700 applicants? Lotteries to determine which applicants gain access to charter schools?

It's crushing, big government liberalism at its worst.    

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  • Doug says:
    Feb 22 at 09:46

    It is depressing that the educrats are willing to sacrifice the education of a child in order to keep their power. We know this is not about giving better education options to children and more about keeping the money. The interesting thing about this is that only about half the funds would follow the student, so the government schools would not have to educate the child but would still get half the money, guess they don't realize the deal they would be getting.

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