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NC SAT scores fail to improve — again.

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Scores of the North Carolina students on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) exam declined slightly from last year, according to a press release from the Department of Public Instruction. North Carolina students posted an average score of 1001 on the national test, down three points from last year. The average score nationally in 2011 was 1011, a decline of four points from the previous year.

The SAT test, administered by the College Board measures college aptitude in the areas of critical reading, math and writing. Scores referenced here include results from critical reading and math only . In 2011, 67 percent of seniors in North Carolina took the test.

In the first half of the past decade, North Carolina students made good progress in closing a 31 point gap between the state and national averages. However since 2006, national and state SAT scores have remained essentially flat and the gap between North Carolina and the national average  has varied between 13 to 10 points below the national average.

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  • Katy Benningfield says:
    Sep 15 at 11:09

    Does this include private schools, too? I realize that including private schools would hardly make a dent, as the vast majority of kids attend public school. We are scraping up every penny to send my son to a private school where every graduate attends college, many to some of the top universities in the US. Thanks so much.

  • Bob Luebke says:
    Sep 15 at 11:19

    The results posted here include public schools only.

  • mtn girl says:
    Sep 19 at 17:13

    Katy my husband attended a very expensive pvt. high school. I attended a free NC public school. Guess who had higher SATs- the public school kid – it is up to the individual. Perhaps your child needs a good kick in the can rather than a pvt. school. just saying! Plus forced teaching to the test instituted by brain drain lil shrub is responsible for this oh and the fact that conservatives make up history and then hire Oral Roberts U. clowns to rewrite their "whitewashed history" ala David Barton.That is why we have all theses NEOCON schools now- the conservative's kids were flunking out of real colleges.

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