Public Teachers Now Covered with Statewide Liability Insurance

Many public school employees joined such organizations as the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE)  mainly for the classroom liability insurance. They had dues automatically deducted from their paychecks to pay for it. But beginning in September of 2011 a new statewide insurance policy went into effect for those employees and it is free. That new policy is not widely known.

Representative Dale Folwell (R-Forsyth) worked to get the new policy into the budget. He says grouping all of those employees into one pool reduced the cost. Folwell says public school employees also no longer have to join a group to get the insurance and it saves local districts…

At the same time lawmakers approved the statewide insurance they passed legislation to eliminate the state’s involvement in automatically deducting certain organization’s dues from paychecks. Gov. Perdue vetoed the legislation, but the legislature overrode her veto a couple of weeks ago. The NCAE filed a lawsuit to keep the deductions and that is currently working through the court system.

Folwell says the legislature didn’t receive much praise from the education system for giving teachers free insurance…

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