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School sends home political fliers

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Yes, I know Carolina Plott Hound broke this story last night, but it cannot receive too much attention.

Yesterday our friend Lady Liberty wrote about her anger  in finding a political flier in her child's homework folder when he returned home from a Wake County school.  The flier was publicizing a "walk in" at the school on November 4th and encouraged attendees to wear "red 4 ed"  It is not legal to for a school to distribute political materials.  The flier is linked to a web site Organize 2020.   Interestingly, the last line of the organization's rambling mission statement is : We need a union.

Do you think there might be a few connections to NCAE?

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  • Kirk D. Smith says:
    Oct 31 at 06:25

    Poor Lady Liberty's child is not going fare well. Has she considered home schooling? The same political activity happened in Lee County with students emailing their state representative. Nothing happened.

    All the while, we watch our progressive comrades holding our children hostage in our public educational collectives.

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