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A New Voter Photo ID Bill for 2013


Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis and State House Elections Committee Chair, Representative David Lewis, laid out the plan for a voter photo ID bill this morning.

According to Representative Lewis, we should see a bill by March 25, 2013 and the vote would come sometime in April. He made it clear they do not plan to rush the legislation and will take this time to hear from the people of North Carolina who oppose and support the legislation.

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  • Mary Wayne says:
    Mar 05 at 11:33

    Voter fraud was of grave consequence in the presidential election 2012. Opportunities for voter fraud must be stopped immediately. No more early voting, same day registration, absentee's which are not validated, and no more coting without proper ID to prove who you are. I no longer want my vote hijacked! Please pass this legislation ASAP!

  • yukidongo says:
    Mar 05 at 11:41

    I agree with you absolutely, Mary. And, they should also pass some form of legislation stopping all this redistricting that stacks the black and democratic vote against candidates for congress and the State assembly. You have to have ID to do something as mundane as drive, or cash a check. It is not an infringement on anybody's voting rights to say you have to bring a photo ID, and if necessary, take their excuses for not having one by offering FREE State ID cards. I think it is ridiculous that they charge for those anyway. If they would remove the charge for them, then they would not be out of reach for anyone's pocketbook, and there would be no excuse not to have some form of ID, which would enable you to vote. People are using absentee ballots to bote and then voting at the booths as well. They need to revamp the way those votes are done to make sure people aren't voting in duplicity.

  • Andy S says:
    Mar 05 at 19:56

    Democrats required a government issued photo ID to enter their national convention in Charlotte. Why wasn't that discriminatory?

  • Linda says:
    Mar 13 at 17:24

    I have very little confidence in the voting process and I believe fraud is rampant even though it is rarely exposed. Voter ID must be made a part of the process to have any integrity in the vote. People need ID for practically everything and voting should be one of the most important things a person does.

  • Tina Flowers says:
    Apr 05 at 08:49

    What about the fraud WITHIN the Republican Party itself ?!?! Unless you are on the "grassroots" level as a delegate or volunteer, Citizens did not SEE THAT FRAUD !!!

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