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Dead People and Non-Citizens Can Vote in NC – Do They?


Project Veritas, an organization formed by James O'keefe, paid a visit to North Carolina during the May 8 primary.  Watch the video to see discussions with non-citizens who are registered to vote in NC, UNC leaders and Board of Elections officials.  James O'Keefe is famous for exposing ACORN and formed Project Veritas, a 501(c)(3) organization, with the mission to "investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct.  As of late they have focused on election integrity and the voting processes in several states.

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  • Silence Dogood 2010 says:
    May 15 at 16:22

    Thank you Ms. Myrick for posting this info.

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010.

  • Silence Dogood 2010 says:
    May 15 at 16:59

    And here is ONE INDIVIDUAL that is directly responsible for this nonsense—- Loretta King!

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010.

  • Art Wilson says:
    May 16 at 11:34

    Thank you CIVITAS for your continued effort to expose the fallacy of voter integrity in NC. The lax NC laws regarding voter registration and voter participation have totally corrupted our voter registration data base. A major step in the right direction is legislative changes regarding the State Board of Elections. SBOE should have administrative powers of legislative law only; no independent policy or Board interpretation of the voting laws; all fiduciary transactions closely supervised by NC legislature.

  • localyokel says:
    May 16 at 18:36

    So Susan do you have any journalistic or personal intergrity? O keefe has once again been exposed as the joke he is… will you post the corrected info? If the past is any example you will delete this post and continue to blow smoke up NCs collective wahoo- lucky for you most of your readers are semi-literate and too lazy to fact check you

  • iatestupid says:
    May 17 at 12:07

    Yeah, Susan, you silly propagandist. How dare you show a video using the actual actions and words of people against them!

    "localyokel" is right. There is no voter fraud anywhere, ever!
    Although, it would be nice for "localyokel" to actually provide some facts when accusing others of lying, but that is beside the point.
    The point is, even though people are caught on tape laughing about and encouraging voter fraud doesn't mean anything.
    Look the other way, and never question your rulers.

  • localyokel says:
    May 17 at 16:51

    Ah the stupid it burns!!!!!!
    okay i ate stupid i would wager you not only eat stupid but lick it up and roll around in it with abandon, because both you and the silent Susan are schooled!!!
    Do your research for once you lazy popeagandist… and why do i suspect iatestupid is actually francis or brian? hmmm. anyways just google o keefe joke nc dead voter 2012 and go to a legitimate news source and voila the proof is there.. the non-citizens were actually both legal citizens who say they were harassed by the pimpled piper o keefe and as for the dead people yes that happens they die after they send in absentee ballots voter fraud proven in NC 12 out of 6.5 million… how bout the GOP gets off their rear and does something for the people in NC— still waiting on the expose about Tillis paying his adulterous and probably criminal staff 20,000 dollars of our tax dollars to soothe the burn of getting caught with their pants down…

  • mtngirl says:
    May 17 at 17:09

    That's right "localyokel" – the "legitimate" news source verified the non-citizens were actually citizens by….asking them.
    That's proof enough for smart people like us!
    Of course they would never lie over the phone to a reporter (although this does raise up the pesky fact that is documented that these folks claimed non-citizen status on jury duty form).
    Anyway, you and "iatestupid" keep up the good work – you two are like peas in a pod.

    Democracy must be preserved. In fact, I care so much about democracy I voted 12 times last election!

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