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Elections Board Rejects Voter Challenges Based on Driver's License


Hundreds of registered voters in Wake County swore they were not citizens to avoid jury duty but the State Board of Elections said they were citizens because of their driver's license. See the video report…

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  • Michael Koston says:
    Jul 09 at 14:38

    This is exactly why All Voters Need to Show ID when Voting!!!!! This Is My Country Not Some Illegals They Have No Right To Have Any Affect On Our Elections And Should Not Even Be Here! They Are All Breaking Federal Law And Should Be Deported Immediately!!!!!! And That IS INCLUDING THE ILLEGALLY PUT IN TO OFFICE PRESIDENT!!!!!!

  • John Campbell says:
    Jul 10 at 13:00

    Driver's lisence is a bogus argument By the Board of Elections.
    ANYONE can get an NC Driver's lisence.

    A Mexican National goes to the bank with their card and a light bill and opens a bank account.

    Next with the bank account and a light bill they go to the NC Driver's Lisence and apply for a lisence.

    So anyone can get a driver's lisence even NON Citizens. For someone to claim not to be a citizen and then want to vote is OUTRAGEOUS. The Wake County board of elections needs to be FIRED.

    Rise up citizens and run these morons out of town

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