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GOP Video: High Point Business Owner Won't Support Obama Again


New GOP video released at the Democratic National Convention features a High Point woman who owns a small furniture business and voted for President Obama in 2008. Melanie McNamara says she can't support Obama again.

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  • AvJoe says:
    Sep 06 at 11:34

    This video is silly. BHO has very little to do with High Point's woes. Their jobs were getting shipped overseas for the last 10 years thank both parties for that. It is the result of laisse faire economic policies; no one in High Point will work for 3rd world wages. Secondly, this video shows the complete ignorance of what the leader of the executive branch can do in this country. The leader in not a King. If Congress doesnt send "the Bill" the Pres. has little authority; when the executive exercises "excess" authority that is always filtered through naked partisanship as to its merits.

    "You didnt build that" was taken out of total context of the remarks. It was an implied statement of "You didn't [SOLELY] build that" should have been the statement. W was even more silly with misquotes. And the context of the BHO remark shows that was the intent.

    As an independent I completely agree with BHO that businesses dont live in a vacuum. Someone else provided many resources for that business to happen. Sure the business owner was necessary at the end but this bootstrap myth is nonsense.

  • AvJoe says:
    Sep 06 at 11:38

    Factcheck has a good piece on this.

  • Francis De Luca says:
    Sep 06 at 12:50

    So AvJoe you are ok with the other part of his statement demeaning hard work and education?

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