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Happy Birthday to the 112 Year Olds Voting in 2012!


I thought a couple of Civitas’ new friends would like to help me wish happy birthday to the thousands of 112 year olds who are about to vote in this year’s election.  You will remember that I wrote about the 110 year olds voting strong in the 2010 General Election and later wrote an update.  Well, its two years later and that’s right, those voters are now 112 years old. Already, almost 1,000 of them have cast their ballot in this year's election.  In 2010, more than 9,000 110 year olds voted and many more 108 year olds voted in 2008.

So, here’s to North Carolina’s 112 year olds – Happy Birthday!  The 112 year olds in North Carolina are one of the groups of voters who exemplify the State Board of Elections contempt for clean elections. The State Board of Elections has been aware of what we believe to be erroneous age data for many years and has obviously refused any attempt to correct the incorrect data. It is evident that there is no hope for fair and honest elections when you have no idea who is on your voter rolls.

Last week Civitas had a visit from two representatives from The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) who are in the United States to observe our elections.  The OSCE partners with the United Nations on democratization and human rights projects. Funny that the national stories say they are here to determine if poll observers are intimidating liberal voters – we did not get that out of their visit. But if true, observers, sent to observe, observers? Did the liberal groups want the U.N. observers to intimidate our poll observers?

According to this article in The Hill, OSCE was invited by several liberal groups.  Civitas welcomed their visit because it gave us a chance to share our view on poll observers.

Poll observers in North Carolina take on this responsibility to protect all our votes, their work helps assure that all votes are accounted for and protected.  They are not paid, but are selected by the political parties and their names are accepted by the Boards of Elections.  North Carolina General Statute 163-45 lays out the rules governing poll observers. Most counties in North Carolina understand therole poll observers play in elections, but it is worth noting that at least Wake County has seen their relationship with poll observers sour since 2010 and this article in the UK Guardian documents the state of their relationship during the May 2012 Primary.

We would like to thank the organization(s) who suggested that that the two representatives of OSCE visit Civitas.  We met for over an hour and we were able to answer many of their questions.  Actually, we had a mutually informative conversation.  We can only surmise that the groups who invited the U.N. monitors to observe our elections this year did their best to influence and prejudice them before they had all the facts.

We wish the U.N. observers the best in their quest for the truth and we hope that while they are here, they will take a look at North Carolina’s disastrous voter rolls and the thousands of voters who appear to be 112 years old.

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  • David Hall says:
    Oct 23 at 17:14

    So this issue has been quite simply answered by one of the sites you quote –

    October 20, 2012 by SilenceDogood

    It has been brought to my attention that the NC State Board of Elections has a glitch in their record keeping.

    Example: If you registered to vote, let’s just say in the 1950′s or 60′s, AND you did not fill in the “Date of Birth” section on the voter registration form, then your date of birth, in the electronic database, results in a ‘DEFAULT DATE’ of January 1, 1900."

    This explains both the 110 year old (sic) voters in 2010 and the 112 year olds now.

    So when will you be posting a retraction of this article, or at least an update?

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