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Listen to Perdue's "Suspend Elections" Remark


The N&O's Under the Dome has audio of Perdue's remarks here.

Of course the spin coming from the governer's mouthpieces is also telling. As reported by wral:

Perdue's press secretary Chris Mackey said the remark had been taken out of context. “Come on," she wrote in an emailed statement. "Gov. Perdue was obviously using hyperbole to highlight what we can all agree is a serious problem: Washington politicians who focus on their own election instead of what’s best for the people they serve,” Mackey said.

Everybody catch that? According to Perdue's office, focusing on one's re-election chances are at odds with doing what's best for the people they serve. But if you are doing the best for the people you serve, won't they reward you with re-election?

And by the way, listening to the audio makes it fairly clear she wasn't telling a "joke" – as indicated by the wral headline.

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  • Linda Oates says:
    Sep 28 at 16:53

    Where's the petition? I definitely want to oppose our governor's suggestion to forego the next NC congressional elections. Can they legally do this. What are we to do? She better be ready to fight. We the ppl have the right to vote. God help us.

  • Tracie Swietek says:
    Sep 28 at 20:58

    I cannot believe that the "head" of our state would have even suggested such a thing! The South in general gets a bad rap for being on the lower end of the learning curve and now she comes out and says this! When will we finally get someone who can get NC out of the hole that the last several Dem. Goverors as well as their cabinet members (one that is now a U S Senator) put us in? No one can take away our right to vote for our local, state or federal officials! Unless, of course, we've been overthrown by a Communist country and I didn't know it!

  • Deborah says:
    Sep 28 at 21:17

    I don't think "Bev" is the first person to suggest this. You can't spin your way out of this one, folks. We are not that StOoPiD!

  • says:
    Sep 28 at 21:46

    Just so you all know I called an spoke to Jim in Bev Perdue's Washington Office, I adressed the remarks she made in Cary, he said everyone was taking it out of context, that she suggested it because she could not get ant thing done in Washington. When I suggested that she work with Republicans Jim hung up on me. Wow what a wonderful way to be treated by our Governess's Office

  • Renae says:
    Sep 28 at 22:22

    When I listened to the audio, all I heard was a nail being pounded into her political coffin!! She's toast this next election, and if she didn't know it before she made that comment she knows it NOW!! Bye-Bye Perdoodoo, Hello Future Gov. McCrory!!!

  • billie mathias says:
    Sep 29 at 04:05

    NO! She was NOT joking, she grabbed hold of just enough rope to hang herself, the objective, (I believe) with her saying suspend congressional elections is this.. The Democrats are scared to death of the Tea Party, and she knows as good as the rest of em that Congress is gonna get a LOT of changes in the next election. But the State election is gonna affect HER, cause she cooked her grits here in NC. She was talking about congress doing what the people want and what is good for this country, the State legislature voted for a voter ID Law, and Bev Perdue VETOED IT!We raise tobacco, and she has done her absolute best to outlaw it in this state. I'm a registered Democrat..BUT.. I will be voting strictly along Republican lines in the next election. WE, THE PEOPLE, need to get our country back and try to piece it back together since the Dems had it uncontrolled for 2 years.. and we need to PRAY!

  • RBA says:
    Sep 29 at 07:44

    I honestly am not surprised by this comment coming from a Democrat. Now I know there are some good people out there who are DEM, so please do not take this personally. But, based on what we do see in the media (and a lot is hidden by the media) they will do or say anything to stay in power.

  • Harry Poland says:
    Sep 29 at 14:54

    She said it and she meant it!Shades of totalitarism, is it not? Is this what we desire from one of our elected officials?

  • pete swank says:
    Sep 29 at 15:01

    Totally asinine, Bev Perdue IS the joke.

  • Billie says:
    Sep 30 at 10:34

    Gov Perdue took an sworn oath to defend and support the Constitution of the US and the NC Constitution in order to take up the office she holds. Her statement clearly shows that in her own mind she does not intend to do that. She is therefore in violation of that oath. Gov Perdue should be removed from office in violation of that oath.

  • allen lee says:
    Oct 06 at 16:00

    For heaven's sake. Any comment by someone in office is grabed onto like it is doom and gloom for the rest of us. People in both parties do this. A little common sense and a little research would go a long way to solving all our problrns. How many people really look into an issue before jumping on thr bsngwagon and sending message out without doing any checking.If it was on the radio or tv or the internet it must be corrrect Let me send this on to Sally and Spot so they will know the trurh.

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