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Rep. Speciale Turns the Tables on William Barber



We are all familiar with William Barber’s frequent attacks on anyone who supports voter ID. WRAL reported on Freshman Representative Michael Speciale's, R-3, letter responding to one of Barber's hate filled emails to legislators.

I really have nothing to add to Speciale's letter (see below) because he says it all.

From: Rep. Michael Speciale <>
Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 4:39 PM
Subject: RE: NC NAACP Statement as Read at Morning News Conference on Voter Suppression
To: "" <>

Dr. Barber,

This is as insulting a diatribe as I have seen in years. The NAACP has a proud history of working on behalf of black Americans to address the problems of society directed at them. You tarnish that with your racist diatribes and your race-baiting attitude. The photo requirement to vote is to prove that one is who they say they are. Nowhere in anyone’s minds but yours and your fellow race-opportunists is race, ethnic background, or color of one’s skin mentioned, insinuated or inferred regarding the proposed voter ID laws.

You do minorities and the elderly a disservice when you assume that they are incapable or incompetent to the point that they cannot provide a photo ID to vote. Photo ID’s are required in nearly every aspect of American life, and most Americans over the age of 16 have some form of photo ID. Your talking points make no sense, as you ramble on with Constitutional phrases to give an impression that you know what you are talking about, and it is apparent that you are grasping at straws. Your attempts to make minorities and the elderly believe that they are victims in this effort is contrary to common sense but apparently necessary to your economic survival

Your comments, both today and in the past are racist and inappropriate, therefore, I request that you remove me from your email list.
Michael Speciale

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  • Michael Harris says:
    Feb 01 at 11:56

    YES…! and long overdue…

  • Kay Earp says:
    Feb 01 at 12:10

    Please, this has nothing to do with race at all.
    We have come such a long way in race relations-It is a "keep Americans accountable in voting"issue.

    You are stepping backwards I believe especially in your public relations.

  • john says:
    Feb 01 at 12:13

    Rev. Barber, the Good-Jeer blimp of the racist left in NC will effectively create MORE public pressure for photo ID, which is already high.
    Barber is to Photo ID what Obama is for gun and ammo……a great salesman.

  • Susan Waddell says:
    Feb 01 at 12:36

    Why must everything be turned into a "race issue" these days? Showing a photo ID is a requirement for anything and everything from buying a beer to entering the country to having a medical procedure, none of which have anything to do with race. Do we honestly still need an NAACP? For the successful African-American people I know, they have taken advantage of the opportunities available, fought for from those who came before them to better their lives and contribute to society, making the world a better place for themselves and their children. I'm tired of those who continue to whine about trivial matters that waste time and energy. Please find another cause that promotes something other than dependence on barriers that have long been removed.

  • Joe Taylor says:
    Feb 01 at 13:29

    I am glad that someone has stepped forward and called William Barber what I also believe he is and that is a racist; he uses the voter ID card to forward his race based agenda, to keep the "pot" stirred and create problems with race relations between minorities and whites. I am tired of seeing Mr. Barber continue his rant and raving over issues that have no merit; I am an American veteran that is proud of his Country and it goes to the core of our values that our "vote" be preserved for those that do so lawfully. Race has nothing to do with it and Mr. Barber knows this.

  • Wanda McCuiston says:
    Feb 01 at 13:59

    Hallelujah! Excellent response.

  • Linda says:
    Feb 01 at 14:33

    Ditto Michael, this is long overdue. Why haven't other elected leaders exposed this race-hustler for exactly what he is? Because we have allowed political correctness to censor free speech. Unless and until we decide, as a people, that we will NO LONGER be cowed into silence the malignant cancer of political correctness will consume us. Thank you, Representative Speciale, for having the courage to speak the truth that few Americans do these days. God willing, your courage will be an inspiration to others.

  • Laura says:
    Feb 01 at 15:04

    THANK you so much, Rep Speciale. It is way past time that William Barber be called to account for his toxic incitement of racial hatred. Photo-ID for voting privileges is not a racial issue, as Barber undoubtedly knows, and is a minor means of increasing the chance that each vote is being cast by a legitimate voter. If Barber disagrees with that goal, he should say publicly that he favors illegal, fraudulent, and criminal voting, such as by the dead.

  • Warren W says:
    Feb 01 at 15:51

    Barbers words ring hollow…it's hard for "race baiters" to comprehend…it's about FRAUD not race. Very simple concept indeed. I thought after we got over the "warm fuzzy up our leg" that we would no longer be discussing race.

  • Anthony Bruno says:
    Feb 01 at 21:47

    I sent the following to Rep. Speciale, showing him my support. Consider doing

    Rep. Speciale,
    I was forwarded your response to Rev. Barber, a long time coming. Too often his attacks, rather than a civil conversation, puts his opponents on their heels, reluctant to forcefully defend their positions.

    Like a cancer which will spread unless its contained, Barber's rhetoric poisons the mind of young, ill informed citizens who think the worst of any initiative he does not support.

    This makes it near impossible to gain non-partisan support for legislation
    which benefits all citizens.

    Keep up the good fight, and understand there are many North Carolinian's who support good legislation no matter what partisan snipers such as Barber and the News and Observer have to say.

  • Revnc says:
    Feb 03 at 03:03

    Thank you Representative Speciale.

  • Ranger bob says:
    Feb 03 at 17:20

    give to him rep Speciale. He is and always has been a racist. He creates unneccesary strife in the community with his racist remarks. Do not apologize for these true remarks. Keep up the work to get photo voter ID.
    I am a very senior citizen and I do NOT object to photo ID to PHOTO When I registered to vote I received a document I show it every time I vote. What is so complicated about that.

  • John Galt says:
    Feb 04 at 17:39

    How can Reverend Barber be a black DEMOCRAT in North Carolina? Doesn't he know the history of the Democrat party here?
    The Democrats supported slavery and left the union over the election of Republican Lincoln. The Democrats supported the KKK led Wilmington Race Riots overthrowing the rainbow coalition of Black and White Republicans.
    The Democrats impeached the 1st Republican governor for cracking down on the KKK.
    The Democrats passed Eugenics policies that include forced sterilization of Black Welfare queens… Those policies weren't repealed until 1977.
    Both Democrat NC Senators and NC Democrat House members OPPOSED the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
    The Democrats TWICE voted KKK leader Robert Byrd as Senate Majority leader for the US Senate.
    The Democrats to this day support racist policies like "affirmative action".
    The Democrat party has been a racist party since before the Civil War, and still is to this day. Racist Democrat fools like William Barber should open a history book and study NC history.

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