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Reuters Lied about Trump in NC


I'm a cynical old conservative who's seen a lot, and even I am taken aback when I see the news media lying about something I've seen with my own eyes.

A Reuters report is headlined on CBS: "Black Lives Matter protestors cut off Donald Trump in North Carolina."

A single vulgar word is the most accurate response, but in a perhaps vain attempt to uphold some standards, I'll only say: that report can only be a deliberate attempt to mislead Americans.

I was there. I was even much closer to Trump than the official media representatives. The Reuters account is wrong.

At several points, some jerks with signs interrupted Trump by shouting. They were booed by the crowd — but the booing was less angry that what you will hear at most sporting events.

First, it is one more indication that Black Lives Matter is a proto-fascist movement. The street fighters and mobs are merely the first symptom that democracy is under attack. Some people wanted to hear Trump, many, I would guess, out of curiosity. If he was truly a bad man, the Left should want him to open his mouth more often so people could discern the truth about him.

So the demonstrations showed:

  1. Black Lives Matter is inherently anti-democratic. They do not believe that ordinary people can or should make their own judgements.
  2. Trump must be a real threat to them. The protests only underscored Trump's claims. That they cared enough only added to his credibility.

As I wrote on my own blog, it also highlights the incompetence of the Left. The protests only added a bit of drama to the scene that underscored Trump's messages, and fired up the crowd.

The Reuters report said he got annoyed. Frankly, I think he gets annoyed a lot anyway. Most of the time, he just grinned smugly while the protestors were hustled out. Rather than break up his talk, the interludes gave him time to rest. His voice was hoarse, and apparently he is not a person who switches easily to a soft tone.

If his remarks were shorter than usual, it may be that he just wanted to conserve his vocal chords.

Anyway, among other things, Reuters doesn't grasp what it is Trump does. He doesn't have a set talk; he riffs on events, throwing out a lot of his tag lines. There's no structure; there's no timeline. He's, obviously, not your typical pol. He is there to galvanize supporters, not bore them with PowerPoint presentations. He's more like a comedian or musician who comes out, plays some of his big hits, improvises a little, does an encore or two, then get on the bus for the next show.

BTW, Trump called this in advance. He said the media would make a big deal out of the protestors, and that they would mock him no matter what he did: as scary if he threw them out, as weak if he didn't.

In other words, this report is bogus. It's plainly a deliberate attempt to distort the news. I was there, however. I can assure you this report is a fraud.

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  • Charles Holloway says:
    Dec 07 at 15:58

    The more the media tries to make him look like a fool, the more I want to vote for him. At first I didn't like him but there is some reason the politicians don't want an outsider in, so lets find out why? We can't do any worse.

  • Faith says:
    Dec 07 at 17:50

    I watched on TV and there were single hecklers 2 or 3 but each was escorted out with audience members many looked vets helping out actually.

  • Jana Fields says:
    Dec 07 at 18:42

    I was also in Raleigh. The few protesters were quickly escorted out and the crowd cheered Trump. I can't believe they would put out lies knowing thousands of people know the truth.

  • Ebrun says:
    Dec 07 at 20:04

    Conservatives, don't let your emotions override your judgement. A vote for Trump for the GOP nomination is like supporting Hillary in November '16.

  • Jeff says:
    Dec 08 at 07:42

    I too was at this event.. and yes, I read the account where Trump was interrupted TEN times! I wondered what event they were speaking of… I was also six people away from the two girls that were shouting and holding signs.. they made no reference to BLM… this blog is spot on… amazing the total untruths the media is reporting..

  • Donna says:
    Dec 08 at 17:40

    Thank you for sharing this…I was there as well….I work in the media and it is a shame that media has come to this….blatant lies to stir crap up !!!

  • George says:
    Dec 08 at 17:56

    The fact that CIvitas would even bother to post anything about Trump – good or evil – goes a long way in revealing how morally bankrupt NC Civitas is.

  • will Killyou says:
    Dec 11 at 11:03

    A vote for Rubio, Bush, Cruz or Clinton is a vote for the same, a vote for Trump is a vote for real change.

  • Rawr says:
    Dec 12 at 10:43


  • BRIAN THOMAS says:
    Dec 17 at 00:49

    Yep, that's what they do. Because they have no higher faith, they freely lie for what they blindly believe. Their beliefs are more of a fad, than from real conviction of something true and noble.
    A liberal commentator on a Santa Cruz talk show said Trump said he will force all Muslims to wear a badge on their clothing. I looked it up, saw it was not true and called in. I told him I researched it, and asked, :So, were you lying, or did you mis-speak?'
    'I may have mis-spoken', he said, but he added, 'Trump did say he would have a data base and keep track of them.. it's the same thing.' he lied again. I told him it was not the same, he talked over my every line, and then said, "Old Man!'re nothing!' to me. I said we should have a boxing match, he agreed, but then backed out. There you have it. Liars, appeasers, weaklings, expert surrenderers. TRUMP EM!
    My radio show, live streams: KSCO.COM

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