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Voting Fraud Facts

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Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation reviews the Supreme Court decision on Indiana's voter ID law, which they OK'd.

The court said there is voter fraud — enough to make a difference in a close election.

Take Al Franken's election to the Senate. Eight months declared Franken the winner by 300 votes. A group looked at the voter registration record, compared it to corrections records. The number of illegal votes — from just this factor — was four times the margin of victory.

The next threat: people would be automatically registered to vote, taking names from databases. Well, say they are taking from property tax rolls. What if you own property in two counties — you'd be registered in two. This could make a flawed system much worse, he says.

Conservatives don't pay attention to the rules governing elections; the left has plenty of organizations dedicated to changing the rules.

Absentee ballots are the problem in real voter fraud ID. Look at what Kansas does: for an absentee ballot fraud, you must provide copy of ID, or Kansas drivers license number.

Georgia's law requiring proof of citizenship has prevented thousands of phony votes, the George secretary of state says.

He tears apart the notion that NC has hordes of voters without ID. For instance, the comparison didn't compare voter lists against lists of college IDs, military IDs, college ideas. They also used only exact matches, so "Hans A. von Spakovsky" the voter doesn't match "Hans von Spakovsky" with a drivers license. So that means "Hans A. von Spakovsky" doesn't have an ID!

In Georgia, the plaintiffs couldn't bring forward one person who didn't have an ID.

In seven years, with six million registered voters, similar demographics, they've only had 29,000 apply. That's a few thousand a year.

In George, Barack Obama won the presidential vote. The turnout went up — and more than in most states.

Ditto for Indiana.

But voting is a right! comes the complaint. Well, traveling on public vehicle is a right, and the courts say it is, you need a photo ID to get on a plane. Or get married. Or enter a government building. Including the courts!

Look at South Carolina. The Holder Justice Department objected; SC sued. In the end, the state won.

He notes the Secretary of State Project, to find people to run for S of S to run elections. Note that the project got one of its favorites elected .. .in Minnesota, to help Franken win.

He joined a county elections board in Virginia. The GOP renominated him. The judges, Democrats, refused to appoint him.

What you do? Make sure local election boards will stand up for what is right. Becoming a poll watcher is important.

His parents grew up under fascism and communism. They told of how easily freedom can be lost.

Keeping elections honest "won't happen unless you get involved."

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