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2012 Hurricane Predictions Cause Sadness on the Left


The annual hurricane predictions are in and, surprisingly, the season looks to be only “average,” producing a “normal” number of tempests, according to WRAL (this is a sad day for WRAL, and the liberal mass media in general). I guess the omniscient hurricane predictors were tired of being wrong year after year regarding their predictions, so they decided to dial back their prophecies. Only nine to fifteen storms are predicted.

These predictions fascinate me. I’m sure there is some quantifiable “science” behind them; however, my gut tells me that these predictions are, at best, merely educated guesses, or, at worst, a stealthy way of conveying an ideological agenda.

Ever since hysteria broke out over the possibility of human activities (living) being the main cause of global warming, the hurricane season has drawn more attention to itself. For some time now, the news media has waited with bated breath for hurricane season predictions to emerge, eager to use those predictions to further their anti-free market and pro-big government agenda. The media loves a good “gloom and doom” news template to spread to the unsuspecting masses.

The news report detailing this year’s hurricane predictions was interesting to read. The reporter had to sheepishly admit that this hurricane season was only going to be “average.” So much for a ratings boost. However, it was reported that an increase in El Nino activity could increase the possibility of strong storms later this season. Finally, some good news for environmentalists! But wait, El Nino is a natural phenomenon that is not affected by human activity.  This truly has been a rough day for the Left.

WRAL reported that no major hurricane has made landfall in the US for the past six years. The often repeated claim that global warming was going to create larger, more violent, and more frequent hurricanes seems to have dissipated like a dying tropical storm. Hold on, though! The news report goes on to say that the season that saw Hurricane Andrew pummel Florida back in the 1990s only had six named storms. There remains hope! But it is a twisted, ideologically driven hope that only a liberal could have.

I do not know what this hurricane season will entail, and, truth be told, no one really does. However, it is enjoyable to watch hurricane predictors and liberals play the guessing game, while simultaneously setting themselves up to be proven wrong yet again.

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