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Hagan gives no clear answer on health care reform

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In an N&O article, Sen. Kay Hagan says, "I think people have to get their heads around this, that we can't continue where we are right now …We're in a window of opportunity right now, and it's time for health care reform in our country."

Reform – yes.  The type of liberal reform Congress is proposing that will result in a higher deficit, higher taxes, and higher insurance premiums for everyone – NO.

The window of opportunity Sen. Hagan refers to might be quickly shrinking for the Democrats in Washington.  The House bill was passed by an astonishingly slim margin – Democrats loosing 39 votes in the process.  Change is beginning but not in the way Democrats envisioned last November.  Republicans swept the gubernatorial elections in 2 key states NJ, and VA.  And what if the 2010 Congressional election was held today? According to a Gallup poll registered voters prefer Republicans for the House 48% to 44% – a marked shift since the health care debate took center stage earlier this summer.

In North Carolina 53% of voters are opposed to the type of health care reform Congress is currently discussing.

The American public has demonstrated their disapproval – the Senate would do well to listen.

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