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House Panel Passes State Health Plan Changes Much Like Those Vetoed By the Governor


Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed SB265, which would have required state employees and retirees to pay a small part of their health insurance premiums. It would have also transferred supervision of the State Health Plan to the State Treasurer. There weren't enough votes in the House to override it. The House Insurance Committee has approved SB383, which uses the same language as SB265 but adds one sentence.

"In setting premium rates, the Treasurer shall strive to maintain low premiums by finding savings in the operation of the Plan."

The Treasurer would have the authority to lower or eliminate premiums if she could find a way to pay for it.

Retirees could be offered a premium free plan but it would have higher co-payments. The State Employees Association would support the bill, but the Association of Educators and retiree representatives would not.

The bill goes to House Appropriations before going to the floor for a vote. It would then go back to the Senate for concurrence.

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