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State House passed bill to block national healthcare mandate


After a three hour debate the state House of Representatives approved the bill that would require North Carolina to join other states in lawsuit to challenge the Obamacare mandate for health insurance. House bill 2 passed 66 to 50. It now goes to the Senate.

Republicans defended the bill by arguing the federal government did not have the authority to regulate "inactivity." In other words, it couldn't tell people to buy a product they would not otherwise purchase.

Democrats again complained about how quickly the bill was moved through the House. They also said without the mandate taxpayers would continue to pay for the healthcare other people wouldn't pay for or could afford. But Republicans pointed out the national mandate would, in fact, force taxpayers to do just that.

2 Comments on this post

  • Anonymous says:
    Feb 02 at 19:09

    Well ALRIGHT! Keep on fighting the good fight NC! So proud.

  • gkend says:
    Feb 02 at 22:01

    Thanks to God for sensible legislators!

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