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Fake ID's Grow in NC

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NC ID TheftDespite the rolling up of the illegal alien welcome mat by North Carolina's Sheriffs with the 287 (g) program, criminal activity associated with illegal immigration continues to rise in the Old North State.  Officials with the NC Department of Motor Vehicles report a 20% increase in arrests for driver's license fraud over last year and 2009 is not over yet.

While fake ID's used to be found mostly on college campuses, today's ID counterfeiters have more to worry about than getting underage kids drunk.  As employers begin to use the E-Verify program in greater numbers, illegal aliens have turned increasingly to identity theft get jobs in North Carolina.

The North Carolina General Assembly has made efforts to tighten ID's issued by the state. Last year they removed the manufacture of driver's licenses and identifications from satellite DMV offices around the state and centralized the operation at one secure location.  Additionally, the DMV stopped accepting ID 's issued by the Mexican government back in 2004 that resulted in long lines at the DMV before the change went into effect.

ID theft is real in North Carolina and is yet another result of becoming a magnet state for illegals.

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  • Chris Telesca says:
    Mar 10 at 21:12

    Your story offers no proof of any ID theft in NC. And no one in the NCGA who I have contacted can cite me specific numbers of people who have voted illegally whose voting would have been prevented by providing photo ID. If IDs are as easy to fake as you suggest – how will requiring voters to provide ID fix that problem? All you will do is cause longer lines at the polling places.

    The NCGA removed the manufacturing of NCDLs from satellite sites NOT because of fraudulent ID manufacturing at the satellite sites, but because they didn't expect all the DMV employees to be able to verify ID documentation out in the field. You had it correct – accepting Mexican government IDs at the DMV locations resulted in long lines.

    DMV had to verify all the ID in the central location before they could manufacture the new ID. If they had to check and verify all the documentation at a central site and then manufacture the ID at the same central site – why do you think that poll workers at all 2769 NC precincts plus the Early Voting sites would be able to verify ID at the polling places? And if you require ID verification at polling places – you will have the same long lines you had at the DMV locations.

    For that matter – the NCDLs we produce have no citizenship information on them. So what good are they in preventing folks who aren't citizens from voting?

    There are IDs that would prevent this sort of fraudulent voting – like the kind of IDs that are internal passports with biometric info on them But many conservative voters are afraid of ID fraud by having their biometric data hijacked – sort of like the credit information that gets hijacked from retail store and bank systems all the time.

    Face facts – the only kind of ID that would really satisfy your requirements would cost way too much to implement compared with the alleged amount of fraud you insist is being committed – but you can't seem to give solid numbers for.

  • Susan M Brown says:
    Apr 20 at 17:00

    It is as simple as when a person registers to vote give them a voter ID Card with picture, done at the banks all the time. They should show this when they vote. It is too easy to register to vote here in NC. I shutter to think how many voted in the last election that were felons. I know I saw them vote.

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