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How Many Murderers Will Obama's Amnesty for Illegals Let Stay?


In an earlier post Neal talked about the latest attempt by the Obama administration to grant illegals amnesty.

What he did not discuss was the very real and deadly consequences this can have. In the President's world breaking the law to enter the United States illegally is not really a crime, especially if you are of a certain age. But as anyone with a slight amount of brain matter between their ears can figure out, once you get away with one crime, what the heck might as well double down. THIS IS NOT TO SAY ALL ILLEGALS ARE GOING TO COMMIT HORRIBLE CRIMES! But here in Wake county we have concrete proof that someone who would have been covered by Obama's amnesty, did in fact commit Murder.

Gabriel Alejandro Maricio Lopez was here illegally after already being deported once. If the Obama's new rules were being enforced back in September 2009 he would not have been deported and he might have killed someone sooner but instead he was deported and had to wait until this August to kill Maria Patricia Perez-Godinez, a rising freshman at Fuquay-Varina High School, by stabbing her 30 times.

America has always been known as a country of laws. We are rapidly becoming known as a country of bureaucrats who decide to change laws and make new ones by executive decision and not by the democratic process. This is just the latest example, a very sorry one at that.

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  • Lee says:
    Aug 19 at 15:10

    This is the most ridiculous commentary I've ever read. THIS is what passes for thoughtful conservatism? Let's pick apart some of the flawed logic in this post.

    "Once you get away with one crime, what the heck might as well double down." – Right, so because illegals broke the law by coming to the U.S., they will become criminals. I break the speed limit sometimes, maybe I should "double down" and start shoplifting! Then I'll move to murder and pillage, just like those nasty illegals!

    People don't come to the U.S. solely for the purpose of flouting our laws. They come because here they can find jobs to provide lives for their families. Once upon a time, we conservatives admired that. We used to be about hard work, family, God, and simple living: things that many "illegal immigrants" are all about. We welcomed Irish, Germans, Chinese, Poles, and many others to our teeming shores because we welcomed the American idea of social mobility. It takes generations, sure, but it makes America better. But somehow Mexicans, Guatemalans, Dominicans, etc. aren't welcome to people like you. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe it isn't about race. Maybe you think the American pie is just too small to share these days…of course, that's what the nativists thought in the 19th century when they put out "Irish need not apply" signs.

    This type of conservatism is warped and repugnant. Latino voters share the same values as Republicans. It's only ignorance like this that keeps them voting Democrat.

  • Lee says:
    Aug 19 at 15:16

    Also, this is factually inaccurate. The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing 300,000 cases. Immigrants posing a security risk will still be deported and/or prosecuted.

  • Francis De Luca says:
    Aug 19 at 15:16


    All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants. They came to this country legally. While people don't come for the "sole" purpose of flouting our laws, they do flout them by entering illegally (in this case twice) and not through the existing process.

  • ROSEY KIDD says:
    Nov 02 at 09:17

    My biggest concern is these illigals coming yo NC and no one is checking the status .Here in Greenville the police have found men trafficking in illegal humans and drugs
    And it is getting ranpant ,What is Governor Perdue doing about it ,she has allowed sanctuary city in Raliegh,
    Can NC take a chapter and pass a similiar passage to South Carolina .Our childrens education is being severly affected to the amt of illegals in this STATE ,

  • corona says:
    May 31 at 22:36

    So many different races out there committing murder, stealing, molesting, abusing, torturing, the list can go on and on but when I watch the news I don't see Hispanic people getting into trouble for all the satanic shit out there being done….
    I pray every day for this reform to pass so that families are not ripped apart and living in fear… All they want is to beable to work here legally and provide for there families… People against it have nothing better to do with there own lives….

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