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NC Legislators React to McCrory's Refugee Request


Yesterday Gov. Pat McCrory joined several other governors in requesting the federal government stop sending Syrian refugees to resettle in North Carolina.       

The request on such a contentious issue generated several responses from NC politicos, as reported in the N&O:

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, R-North Carolina, filed a bill Monday evening that would halt relocating all Syrian refugees to this country, pending confirmation that none are terrorists or have “radical sympathies,” according to his office.

Rep. Mike Hager, a Republican from Rutherfordton and the majority leader of the state House, asked McCrory to put the brakes on the program. Rep. Carl Ford, a Republican state legislator from China Grove, went even farther: “I have asked the Governor to stop all Syrian refugees from entering NC and to call on the Feds to deport the 44 who are already here,” Ford tweeted.

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, issued a statement also calling for the program to be suspended. “There is simply too much at stake and the security of the American people should be our top priority,” he said.

U.S. Rep. David Price, D-North Carolina, has a different view:

“Closing our borders to refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war not only flies in the face of our national values of protecting the persecuted and providing refuge for the oppressed; it also undermines our nation’s standing in the world and our ability to confront the scourge of violent extremism,” Price said in a statement.

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  • linda davis says:
    Nov 18 at 14:27

    You know Rep David Price, yes that has been the national values of this country, however there is a dirty, barbaric terrorism war going on here. May I ask why you would want to put the people, including yourself and your family/friends at such a VERY HIGH RISK at this time. You are the only one I have seen so far to want the importing. Do we not have any common sense here! We are at War!! What part of that is not understood!?!?

  • Larry says:
    Nov 18 at 23:22

    I wonder if Mr. Price would have voted to bring 200,000 Germans or Japanese here during WW2.There seems to be no common sense left in the Democrat party.

  • K says:
    Nov 23 at 00:25

    The republicans are at least saying the right things, about their duty to keep North Carolina citizens safe and that it is more important than ever these days. Keep it up the voters are watching to see if you change your minds!
    Rep Price is an idiot spouting party lines and party lies, and will definitely be replaced at the next election. If even one incident happens in NC, we will surely know whom to blame. Rep Price you have shown yourself to be unwilling to protect the people, and deserve tar and feathers!

  • KBR says:
    Nov 23 at 00:40

    Rep. Carl Ford, a Republican state legislator from China Grove, went even farther: “I have asked the Governor to stop all Syrian refugees from entering NC and to call on the Feds to deport the 44 who are already here,”
    Now this is the strongest statement and is what most NC people want! Rep Carl Ford is absolutely right!
    Great statement Rep Ford! We are behind you!

  • Concerned says:
    Nov 23 at 09:29

    I see Mr. Price has his talking points. I suppose some will be swayed by that argument but most of the citizens of NC are paying attention and have spoken out against taking in "Syrian refugees". There is no vetting process currently that will alleviate anyone's concerns. As for the nation's standing in the world, that's been eroded for quite some time.

  • Dave says:
    Nov 23 at 10:28

    NO "REFUGEES* period, SEND them Back!

  • marie says:
    Nov 23 at 11:52

    agree..NO..NONE..NO refugees..send them back..

  • marie says:
    Nov 23 at 11:53

    no…nada none..

  • kbr says:
    Nov 23 at 23:16

    Please go here and read about what you want to unleash here.

    This is not about political gains and losses. You must educate yourselves.

  • KBR says:
    Nov 23 at 23:46

    Educate yourselves about the political correctness scams of those saying that Moslems are being discriminated against.

    And also educate yourselves about utter impossibility of "vetting" as this man was called a vet.

  • KBR says:
    Nov 23 at 23:51

    The future of NC beach towns?

    Educate yourselves.

  • KBR says:
    Nov 23 at 23:59

    Educate yourselves, read this:

    The express goal of Islam, according to their prophet.

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