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The Syrian Refugee Crisis May Hit Home Here in NC


As Syrians continue to flee their country in droves, other nations have been urged to give these refugees safe haven.

Last week, President Obama announced that the United States will take in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year. The plan is for the State Department to work with private non-profits who coordinate with local communities to find homes for refugees in various states.

This decision will not only affect our country at large, but will surely affect our state of North Carolina, possibly more so than most states. The Washington Post cites NC as being one of the top states that have received refugees from various countries in recent years.

While the number of refugees that the United States has promised to receive is far less than countries like Germany have pledged to welcome, many are concerned with the national security risk involved in the U.S. welcoming so many refugees in such a short amount of time, as well as the potential strain on our resources. Certainly there are measures that can be taken to ensure that those who enter pose no threat to our own citizens. Hopefully the State Department will make that a priority while providing refuge for Syrians displaced by their country's civil war.

What do you think? This is surely a great humanitarian crisis. But what should the role of the United States be, particularly when weighing the national security and economic risks involved? Let us know what you think and keep an eye on our main page where we will soon have a poll on this issue.


5 Comments on this post

  • Duane says:
    Sep 15 at 15:19

    We do not need more radical Muslims. The 4 or 5 in WH/MH are enough. If NC lets them in then the Trump club of NC will work on removal of politicians who voted for this

  • Sharon Turner says:
    Sep 15 at 16:35

    Less than one year ago ISIS promised to flood Europe and the world with their soldiers. Last week Angela Merkle opened the door to Germany wide and invited in healthy young men as "refugees." No women, no children. This week, she closed the doors against the flood and the resulting violence and incidences of rape that immediately followed. Obama shows his true colors every day, he is a Muslim practicing taqiya,Muslim legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts in the name of Allah. Wish the rest of the nation would wake to the evil that is Islam.

  • Larry says:
    Sep 16 at 11:20

    Obama has heard of the Trojan Horse.Most of the people that voted for him haven't.The free world has lost it's mind.Most experts say 15 to 25 per cent of Muslims are radicals.With 1.5 Billion Muslims you can do the math.

  • George Lipscomb says:
    Sep 17 at 07:17

    We have other domestic problems to address. We don't need more non vetted people coming into this country and our state. People need to fight to take their country back not run to other countries. We should help them with their fight, if it is in our best interest. But no more refugees!

  • JD Harrell says:
    Sep 17 at 08:41

    Good story on the refugees, Balkans.

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