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Farewell to a True Public Servant


Coble.CLC2008We at Civitas were saddened to hear of the passing of former U.S. Rep. Howard Coble.

He was the 6th Congressional District’s congressman from 1985 until he retired early this year. That made him the longest-serving Republican House member in the North Carolina history.

He was well know for his colorful sport coats, and for staying in touch with voters. For instance, according to the News & Observer, he took part in more than 200 Christmas parades and 200 Eagle Scout ceremonies in the district over his career.

In many ways he was a model for what a public servant should be, with that perhaps best shown by his refusal to take the pension for his decades of service in Congress. He made that decision early in his career, according to news reports. “I got to thinking, you know, the taxpayers are paying my salary, and they shouldn’t have to pay my congressional pension,” Coble said.

When he retired, that pension was worth about  $130,500 a year.

May he rest in peace. #HowardCoble

The photo of Congressman Coble is from his appearance at our Conservative Leadership Conference in 2008.

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