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"Largely White" Crowd at Rubio Rally Actually Included Many Latinos

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The liberal media has a habit of blatantly misrepresenting GOP Presidential events in our state.

As Civitas’ Jim Tynen reported last month, Reuters inaccurately reported that Donald Trump’s event at Dorton Arena was shut down by protesters. Now the News & Observer has reported on the Marco Rubio rally held in Raleigh on Saturday, and they’ve gotten it very wrong as well.

The News & Observer said that “Rubio nearly filled the Holshouser building, which can hold roughly 900 people…” This sounds quite different from the estimated attendance from the Rubio campaign, which was 1,300.

So I took a look at the official website for the Gov. James E. Holshouser Building, which states that there is at least enough seating for “1,200 for a conference arrangement.” Hmmm… if the building was nearly full, Rubio’s campaign seems to be much closer to an accurate estimate of the crowd number.

How did they describe the attendees?

“Rubio’s audience was largely white but had a noticeable presence of younger voters.”

Well they got it half right. There were indeed many young people there. But how odd is it that the N&O are making such huge generalizations about race demographics? And rather inaccurately, I might add.

You see, I attended Saturday’s rally and was one of many Latinos present to hear Marco Rubio.

As I stood there, the daughter of a Cuban immigrant myself, I was struck that there were other conservative Latinos all around me. In fact, I turned to my husband and said, “Wow, do you see how many Latinos are in this room?”

If I had not attended that rally and just read the report from the N&O, I would believe that if there were really only white people at Marco Rubio’s rally. But I was there. And as a young Latino conservative, I am happy to report that despite what the media would have you believe, we conservatives are not just a bunch of old, white elitists.rubio_raleigh

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