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Legislative Lowdown: Budget Impasse

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Monday night's House session was recessed in order for an Appropriations Committee meeting to occur.  Once the House Appropriations Committee made their way out of the chamber and down to a meeting room, Approps. Chairman Mickey Michaux (D-Durham) relayed the news:  "We're deadlocked."  Rep. Leo Daughtry (R-Johnston) asked what were the sticking points.  Michaux responded that the House and Senate were too far apart on the education and capital expenditures. 

The committee then approved a measure designed to continue the budget process through July 15th.  When asked about a future timetable Michaux declined to speculate.

Rumors in the halls of the legislature say that the Appropriations chairs are thinking about adding money to teacher's first two pay steps by taking the cash from Governor Easley's More At Four program.  Given the Governor's fondness for this program, he won't let it die without a fight. 

More to come on Jones Street.

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