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US Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Payroll Deductions for Union PACs

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In a major blow to labor union's ability to finance their political agendas, the US Supreme Court upheld an Idaho law (popularly known as the Paycheck Protection Act), restricts payroll deductions from state employees going to labor union Political Action Committees (PACs).

In writing for the majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote:

The First Amendment prohibits government from “abridging the freedom of
speech”; it does not confer an affirmative right to use government
payroll mechanisms for the purpose of obtaining funds for expression.
Idaho’s law does not restrict political speech, but rather declines to
promote that speech by allowing public employee checkoffs for political

This ruling clears the way for other states to pass similar legislation that keeps government out of being a conduit for political speech.  If government employees wish to voluntarily contribute to a union PAC, they can do so, but we, the taxpayers shouldn't pay for it.

SEANC raised over $400,000 from individuals this election cycle to give to candidates, most (if not all) through payroll deductions from state employees.

What would happen if the NRA wanted access to state employees for payroll deductions for its PAC, do you think that would be allowed?  Probably not, and rightly so.  Our private political speech (money) should be kept separate from our employment status.

Now that the US Supremes have upheld Idaho's law, it is time for North Carolina to pass a paycheck protection act here.  So our state employees can be kept free from union bosses intimidating them from sacrificing part of their pay for political causes.

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  • Modene Gunch says:
    Feb 25 at 20:27

    Another one of Dana (Stern) Cope's ideas with the help of SEIU…..Reverse check off's on new member applications to steal more money! Maybe card check will be flushed down the toilet also along with Cope and the paid for legislators!

  • RebilVox says:
    Feb 26 at 00:24

    Intoducing paycheck protection in North Carolina would only be half the battle. Unlike workers in the private sector, NC public employees have no "right to work" (taken away by GS 95-100) and could be forced to pay union "fair share" dues against their will once SEANC and SEIU have bought enough legislators to pass collective bargaining. Legislation giving state employees protection from forced dues and deducted pac money would be a real employee free choice act.

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