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NC Democratic Party Hiring Another Sexual Harasser?


The rumor mill is lighting up that Ben Chavis is in line to become the next Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP). This comes after the sudden firing this weekend of the recently hired ED  David Harris. What is most interesting, if this rumor turns out to be true, is that his short tenure as the ED of the NAACP ended partly because of a settlement connected with a sexual harassment claim.

While there are many things in his background that may give some pause, his working with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (sexual harassment allegations) and his involvement with the Wilmington Ten, what should most concern the Democratic Party is the sexual harassment payoffs and allegations that seem to follow him.

You would think that after the sexual harassment troubles the NCDP has gone through recently they would quickly deny this – unless the rumor has validity…

McCrory Teacher Pay Plan: A Good Start


Earlier today Governor McCrory announced a two-year plan to boost starting pay for North Carolina teachers to $35,000 beginning in 2015. Under the proposal, new teachers would receive $2,200 this year and another $2,000 raise the following year.  The two-year boost would amount to a pay increase of approximately 14 percent over two years.  No new tax increases are necessary to fund the plan.

All in all, Governor McCrory's plan is a good first step. Pay for starting teachers in North Carolina is a serious problem that has  hindered our ability to attract and retain good teachers. This plan corrects those shortcomings and will allow us to compete with neighboring states who have begun to see an influx of teachers from the Tar Heel state.

However, teacher pay is a thorny issue. Starting salaries is only one part of a complicated problem.  The current salary schedule needs to be revised or scrapped entirely.  A salary schedule that treats teachers with different skill levels the same and has no linkage to job performance or individual labor markets is a  bigger problem.  Any additional plans from the Governor or the Legislature need to remedy these problems. Only then will we have a pay system that fairly compensates teachers and provides our students with high quality teachers.

The Civil Rights Re-enactors


 bannerWhat struck me about the Saturday march was how irrelevant it all was. There were many references to the civil rights era, but the main battles there were, fortunately, won a long time ago.

One sign of that is that the Monday protestors, rather than accept the verdicts, as happens in real civil disobedience, are fighting them tooth and nail.

drop the charges organize

Civil War re-enactors fight the battles of the past. So to the "Moral" protestors. They're fighting the battles of the Sixties. Too bad. There are real problems that need to be addressed. These ginned-up  rallies just divert energy from the actual struggles of people today.

One sign of that: after a lot of huffing and puffing, the march drew a few thousand people. I'd estimate the crowd at one-tenth of the 80,000 to 100,000 the march organizers claim. If their complaints had much merit, maybe more people would have showed up.

Till that changes, the Monday crowd will be stuck in the past, complaining about minor issues.


March Sums Up Liberalism: 'Extend Unemployment'


The big march Saturday included people with signs that perfectly sum up liberalism: "Extend Unemployment."extend two good copiesThat is exactly what modern liberalism does: It extends unemployment.When the recession began, the number of long-term unemployed people was a bit over one million; now it's 3.6 million, a news report says.

So when you read the news reports about how there were thousands on the march, remember the millions who have suffered from extended unemployment under the Obama administration.

As we have said previously, most economists believe excessive unemployment compensation makes unemployment worse. Benefits extended too long give people rational reasons not to work, and they discourage employers from hiring. Economists from the Federal Reserve — hardly a wild-eyed bunch — suggest that the federal government's extension of jobless pay is one reason for our economic doldrums.

But liberals don't get it. And unemployment benefits are not the only liberal snake oil that keeps people from getting jobs.

extend unemployment and other signs perfect"Expand Medicare … Extend unemployment  … Raise the Minimum Wage"

Liberal policies, whatever good they did years ago, now cause more harm than good. Medicaid wastes billions while doing little or nothing for the health of those trapped in the system, and it may even make health care worse. Raising the minimum wage would kill more jobs.

But the liberals keep marching onward, heedless of what their well-intentioned policies actually do. Remember what happened when the Congressional Budget Office — another sober-minded agency — said Obamacare would push more than two million workers out of the job market in the space of a few years. The Obama administration and its sycophants  were saying, Wow, that's great. In other words, they're admitting this great truth: that when you support liberalism, you support schemes that will in the end ….

extend one more