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3 cheers for the new Wake School Board!


Since Tuesday I have been reading and hearing (including Tuesday night) a steady stream of whining from unions, special interests and supporters of the status-quo about how the newly elected board members were taking actions not supported by the citizens of Wake County.

In August Civitas did a poll of voters in the districts that the new board members represent — NEWS FLASH — they are representing the voters very well! These districts comprise over 270,00o voters and when you add in Ron Margiotta's district's 72,000 voters you get over 59% of Wake voters living in those 5 districts.

3 out of every 5 Wake County voters live in districts 1,2,7,8 & 9. They should have the majority and set policy.

On the resolutions what do the voters think about the new Boards proposals:

Change in Assignment Policy: 69% oppose assigning students based on diversity – 25% support assigning based on diversity. 70% say that the policy of assigning for "socio-economic diversity" is unfair!

Ending Mandatory Year Round Assignment: 68% say parents should be able to choose  Р28% say the system should choose

Saving money (H-6 proposal and resolution to save costs and expenses): The Wake County School Board a good steward of tax dollars? 57% disagree with 35% strongly disagreeing, only 35% agree they are good stewards

We did not ask about Early release Wednesdays but if we had I am sure it would have been 70+% unpopular.

Remember these results are the general public – not just parents. On the parents some of these numbers were much higher. But remember the school board is elected by and represents everyone, not just parents.

So to conclude and make it clear – The new majority represents the majority (big majority) of Wake citizens (voters). They are doing what they said they would do – a rare occurrence with politicians. They are doing what the voters want.

As a recently elected national politician said – we won.

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  • Porter Jennings says:
    Dec 04 at 13:00

    How about the way the new board did it? No notice to the old board members or more importantly to parents who might have wanted to attend if the items had been on the agenda?

    They didn't even have handouts for the resolution about the diversity policy. Seems like you have complained a lot about the legislature behaving like this.

    Are you guys no longer for open government?

  • betty kirk says:
    Dec 07 at 12:08

    I believe all children should go to their neighborhood schools. Shift the teachers around, not the children.

  • Carl says:
    Dec 07 at 14:10

    Why don't we quit bending over backwards to appease everyone? It isn't possible under any circumstances. Children should attend the closest school to where they live. Ask them, they will tell you that. Stop overcomplicating everything. If you don't like the school system you are in, move.

  • JoAnn Meade says:
    Dec 07 at 21:26

    I think the school board did an excellent job. Finally someone is listening to what the majority of the people want. Think of all the money that will be saved when they stop all of the ridiculous busing. It can be put to better use in the school system. I believe children should go to their neighborhood schools also. At last a positive move in the school system.

  • Porter Jennings says:
    Dec 08 at 11:06

    so all of you believe it is ok for a public board to not even pass out copies of what they are debating?

  • Alan says:
    Dec 08 at 17:17

    Just so long as the schools in the richest communities are not able to keep out kids from poorer communities with things like enrollment limits, and that the poorer schools retain equal funding even if most of the sudents go elsewhere, so that the funding per student rises. Only under those two conditions can busing become voluntary. That is voluntary on the part of the parents, not on the part of the receiving school.

  • maurice says:
    Dec 08 at 21:46

    The voters have spoken in a fair election and it shows that we want commonsense change. It doesn't surprise me that corrupt unions that have their own agendas, are upset and speaking out; because they have been found out. We the people,need to demand our rights and speak out against these special interest groups that don't see a quality education of our children as the ultimate goal. The unions want power, money and benefits first,our children are just a means for them to get what they want. Stand firm people, use your commonsense and support the people that do not have alterior motives in educating your children.

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