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Are Solar Lobbyists in NC Trying to Hide Their Money Trail?


Last week, Civitas published Part I in a series of articles exposing the "Big Solar" power players in NC behind the push for crony policies favoring solar energy.

Friday Civitas published Part II. This article examines the financial reports of a very active political action committee pushing for legislative favors for the solar industry, and finds some disturbing discrepancies.

Since political committees in North Carolina are required to report at regular intervals each year, we went directly to the NCCEBA PAC’s financial reports on the State Board of Elections website.   

What we found was disturbing.

The first red flag was that, without evidence or prompting, on April 2, 2015, NCCEBA PAC amended all but their first finance disclosure reports from the last 2 years – that first report appeared to be amended in August 2013.


It is feasible that no one will ever know exactly what the PAC did with all of its money or exactly how much money actually flowed through the PAC and was contributed to campaign committees.  However, one conclusion can be drawn. It is impossible to believe that professional consultants and lobbyists don’t have the capacity to keep an accurate account of checks in and out or that they are incapable of adding and subtracting.

If incompetence is ruled out, it leaves only one explanation: The reports and amendments are meant to conceal what was going on.

To read the entire article, click here.

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