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Are You Part of the Silent Majority?


In poll after poll respondents overwhelmingly support a requirement for voters to show photo identification to vote.  Civitas has polled this question for years and the results do not waver, anywhere from 84 – 88 percent of voters think it should be a requirement in order to receive a ballot.  EVEN an April 2011 Elon Poll found that 75 percent support the voter ID bill that was ultimately vetoed by Gov. Perdue and a whopping 80 percent think requiring a voter photo ID to vote is “fair.”

Democracy NC is advertising a rally to be held on July 13 to “rally” against voter photo ID and the other election reforms the 2011 legislature has considered. 

You remember Democracy NC – the group headed up by Bob Hall that refers to itself as non-partisan and an elections “watchdog”.  The group may pass as non-partisan for tax purposes, but they blatantly promote and advance liberal/progressive election reforms.  Democracy NC partners with a multitude of fringe-left organizations to advance their extreme liberal agendas.

So, if you wonder why the grand majority of the people of North Carolina have been ignored for so long when it comes to voter photo ID and other common-sense election reform ideas, take a look at the groups that report for duty when Bob Hall sounds the alarm

Here, again, are some of Democracy NC partners – groups who, working closely with Democracy NC, have shaped North Carolina’s elections.  Democracy NC (and partners) have walked the halls of the North Carolina Legislature for years guiding the former majority to enact some of the most liberal election laws in the United States. 

Will these far-left groups be the only voices the legislators hear when they return to Raleigh to finish their redistricting work and to attempt to overide some of the Governor's vetoes, including  House Bill 351 (Voter Photo ID Requirement)?  Or will the "Silent Majority" take a stand?

NC Voters for Clean Elections
Blueprint NC*
NC Women United
Latin American Coalition
NC Lobbying & Government Reform Coalition
Alliance of Black Elected Officials
NC Justice Center
Conservation Council
Conservation Network
North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections is a large coalition of organizations
The North Carolina Center for Voter Education
Common Cause North Carolina
NC Policy Watch
The Common Sense Foundation
The North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform
League of Women Voters
El Pueblo
Equality NC
The Alliance of North Carolina Black Elected Officials
The A Philip Randolph Institute
Organize North Carolina
The Coalition to End Homelessness
The Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina
NC Fair Share
The North Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations
The North Carolina Community Development Initiative
The NC Housing Coalition
The NC Justice Center
The Carolina Justice Policy Center
People of Faith Against the Death Penalty
Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation
The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
The North Carolina Conservation Network
The Conservation Council of NC
Democracy NC Member Coalitions
several national fraternities and sororities
Working Families Win
Charlotte HELP
the Latin American Coalition
Urban League
Fayetteville-Cumberland County Ministerial Council
Pastors’ Coalition
National Pan-Hellenic Council the
Junior League
a radio station and other groups
the AKA’s Delta’s and Omega Psi Phi’s
League of Women Voters
local business such as Burton Family Dental
Churches Outreach Network and other organizations
Greensboro Guilford Forsyth
the AKA’s Delta’s
High Point African-American Initiative
Minister’s Conference
Urban League
Black Leadership Roundtable
several re-entry organizations and other groups
*Blueprint North Carolina is a partnership of more than 40 different local organization Our goal is to influence NC state policy so that people here benefit from more progressive policies such as better access to health care higher wages more affordable housing a safer cleaner environment and freedom from discrimination
Center for Community Self-Help/Center for Responsible Lending
Center for Death Penalty Litigation
Conservation Council of NC Foundation
Democracy NC
NC Alliance of Black Elected Officials
NC Housing Coalition Inc
NC Minority Support Center
Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina
Partner Organizations
State Partner Organizations
A. Philip Randolph Institute
American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina (ACLU)
Common Cause Education Fund of NC
Conservation Trust of NC
Disability Rights NC
Institute for Southern Studies
NARAL Pro-Choice NC Foundation
NC Against Gun Violence
NC Center for Voter Education
NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault
NC Community Development Initiative
NC Environmental Defense
NC Institute of Minority Economic Development
Planned Parenthood Health Systems
Southeast Raleigh Vicinity Emerging
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Unifour Organizing Coalition 
Action for Children
Carolina Justice Policy Center
Community Reinvestment Association – NC
Covenant with North Carolina’s Children Inc
Environment NC
Fair Trial Initiative
John Muir Foundation (Sierra Club)
NC Advocates for Justice Foundation
NC Association of CDCs
NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence
NC Coalition to End Homelessness
NC Conservation Network
NC Latino Coalition
Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network
Southern Coalition for Social Justice
Unifour Organizing Coalition
WakeUP Wake County Inc

3 Comments on this post

  • Ronald Geurling says:
    Jul 11 at 15:08

    Civitas might be non-partisan for tax purposes, but it's a Republican mouthpiece. So what's your point about Democracy NC?

  • Susan Myrick says:
    Jul 11 at 16:44

    See my new blog
    for an answer to Ronald Geurling's comment.

  • Steve Bennett says:
    Jul 13 at 09:08

    Why are Democrats so afraid of Voter ID? One reason would be because of their fondness for illegal aliens and voter fraud.

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