Civitas Review

Bailouts R' Us


The latest $26 billion federal bailout package passed yesterday claims it will protect another 4,500 teaching jobs in North Carolina.  If you remember, earlier this year Gov. Perdue transferred over $100 million in lottery revenue to protect another 1,700 teacher and other staff positions. 

 So we’re protecting 6,200 school positions that normally would have been eliminated because there is no money?  In the real world, if you can’t afford something, it’s gone. I don’t revel in the misfortune of others. However,  I believe a government that has adopted a policy of inoculating constituency groups from bad policy decisions and the laws of the market, is far worse.  It’s a policy that’s as wrong as it is expensive.

Oh, by the way, do you know the largest contributor to federal and state election campaigns — both nationally and in North Carolina? The National Education Association. It’s  interesting how payback time always seems to be right around the corner from election time.

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