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Board of Elections Alters Voter's Records to Match DMV


The email below reveals that the State Board of Elections has compared North Carolina’s voter list to DMV records and then altered voter records to reflect DMV data.  I do not know how many records have been changed, but this email went to all 100 county directors.  I understand that some counties are finding that changes the State Board made were applied to the wrong voters' records. 

Changing voter’s information without documentation or consulting the voter suggests Gary Bartlett, Director of the State Board of Elections, believes at least one of three following scenarios:

1.  Voters lied when they submitted their registration forms

2.  Board of Elections staff made many mistakes in performance of their duties

3.  DMV personnel are more trusted bureaucrats than the bureaucrats at county boards of election

During the recent General Assembly voter ID debate, Bartlett was front and center at most of the meetings touting “the fact” that almost one million voters records did not match the DMV records thus voter ID would mean voter disenfranchisement to almost one million voters.  Was changing the Board of Elections data to match the DMV data a way to match records?  I wonder – will the numbers of voters that did not match DMV records before this administrative change decrease enough that even Gary Bartlett will endorse voter ID?

And, I find it odd that the Board chose not to address an obvious problem – over 30,000 110 year olds had been on the voter rolls and voting for ten years – but the Board would go out of their way to alter records that may be correct in the first place. 

The State Board of Elections, led by Bartlett and Board Chairman Larry Leake, want us to believe that everything is well and good with the state of our voting system and that there is no voter fraud in our state.  Instances of voters who vote more than once in an election, dead voters voting, voters who have registered and voted at the same time and then disappear have become commonplace in North Carolina’s elections.  It is not a surprise then that more and more people are questioning the outcome of North Carolina’s elections and the accuracy of the state's voter rolls. 

Email from State Board of Elections Liaison to the Directors of North Carolina County Boards of Elections

From: Degraffenreid, Veronica []
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 11:36 AM
To: SBOE_Grp – Directors.BOE
Subject: SBOE Administrative Update of Voter DOB Data

Voter data by county for the voters affected by the recent SBOE administrative changes are now available on the secured FTP site. We administratively updated voters’ date of birth in their voter record based on DMV information. We wanted you to be aware of those voters in your county who were affected by this change. 

VERONICA DEGRAFFENREID | N.C. State Board of Elections | Elections Liaison |  919.715.1830| |

E-mail correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.

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