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Correction – Fifth Voter Arrested for Voting Twice in 2010


I blogged yesterday that a fifth voter was arrested for voting twice in 2008.  The man arrested yesterday did vote twice but he voted twice in the 2010 General Election – not 2008.  The four voters arrested last Thursday all voted twice in the 2008 General Election. 

Here is a new video of Mr. Leland Lewis, explaining that he voted twice because he thinks “the election system is pathetic.”  Lewis went on to say “he did it to prove that the voting process is flawed.”

The newest WRAL article quotes Gary Sims of the Wake County Board of Elections “Election Day polling places get lists of those who voted early or absentee and precinct workers have to manually check to make sure people do not vote twice.”  It is not clear if Sims explained that the final list of absentee voters is not provided to precinct workers until the polls have been opened for several hours on Election Day.

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