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Critics Say Obama's Work is a Failure Not an Incomplete


(CHARLOTTE) – The jobs report today was not encouraging for many people with only 96,000 jobs added in the U.S. and the unemployment rate is still above eight percent. Thursday night President Obama said his work was still incomplete in repairing the economy. He urged everyone to have patience. But a representative of the Republican National Committee went further. South Carolina Republican Congressman Tim Scott said Obama's work was not incomplete but a failure…

The former Deputy Director of the Samll Business Administration Yovita Carranza said the hispanic community is not getting the help it needs from President Obama…

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz said a major reason for the failure to improve the economy is President Obama and Senate leader Harry Reid won't pass a balanced budget…

President Obama said Thursday it would take years to repair the problems built over decades. Critics remind him he said if he hadn't done that in three and a half years he would be a one term President.

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  • Rhett Forman says:
    Sep 07 at 14:40

    The unemployment rate dropped only because people left the work force. Actually, 119,000 fewer people were employed in August than in July (probably as a result of students going back to school).

  • Pat Thomas says:
    Sep 12 at 15:10

    Obama doesn't get it. He seems to think money grows on trees. He completely misses the link between bloated government bureaucracy and economic malaise. This is more than a "back to school" slip. The economy is worse now because of Obama's mismanagement of the economy. I really wish I could give him Steve Forbes new book because it explains the proper role of government so clearly. There is a review of the book here: Forbes has actionable, rational ideas for getting us back on track. I hope the folks in Washington are listening.

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